Brent Donoho


General info
San Antonio, Texas
After teaching storyboarding for 2 years and elementary school art for three years, I currently am seeking new opportunities as an illustrator and story artist. Before I began teaching, I graduated from the Ringling College of Art and Design's excellent animation program, and have done illustration for a variety of companies over the course of 10 years, drawing, painting and designing everything from comics, character designs, large-scale murals, educational cartoons, storyboards and book covers. After an awesome experience teaching others to love and make art, I am now looking for new opportunities to use my skills as a storyteller and artist, with the intention of joining others in creating stories that are beautiful, honest and entertaining.
San Antonio
Jul 2016 - Present
Studio Art Teacher

    - Taught the fundamentals of drawing, composition, shading, watercolor and inkwash to elementary, middle school and high school students, with a heavy emphasis on mastery of technique, the recreation of master works, and the making of original artwork using a workflow used by professional illustrators.

    - Wrote and designed lesson plans incorporating the Core Knowledge Sequence, which exposed students to a variety of different works of art.

    - Lead in-class seminars discussing how artists conveyed different ideas using the elements and principles of design.

    - Planned for, graded and managed up to fourteen different classes in a given school year, with age groups ranging from kindergarten to 9th grade.

    - Successfully led and directed students in composing, researching and creating original works of art that were displayed in an end of the year fine arts show.

Phoenix, Arizona
Adjunct Instructor - Drawing for Animation

    - Taught "Drawing for Animation" for Grand Canyon University's Animation department. The class has a heavy focus on the 12 principles of animation, with the goal of improving how one "Thinks" about drawing, gesture and animated storytelling.

-Taught the fundamentals of character design and storyboarding, where students developed, thumbnailed and boarded a 1-2 minute animatic. A major focus was placed on clear, readable gesture drawing, screen direction, the rule of thirds, staging, and acting.

- Taught drawing for animation using "Drawn to Life" by Walt Stanchfield as my primary text for drawing the figure and developing clear and lively gestures.
Phoenix, AZ
2012 - 2016
Freelance Muralist
Brent Donoho Chalk Art and Illustration

    - Designed and created large-scale murals for a variety of clients including Dish Network, Copper Blues, Pyxl, Nisan, Nimbus Bistro and Brewery, and Peoria Artisan Brewery.

Phoenix, AZ
Mar 2014 - 2015
Contract Illustrator
Pearson Education
* Created illustrations for textbooks published by Pearson Education. The Illustrations are done according to style sheets tailored to grades K1 to Grade 6, and are made using Adobe Illustrator.
Tempe, Arizona
Aug 2013 - Oct 2013
Contract Illustrator
• Drew and colored Picmonic Cards. Each Picmonic Card was comprised of mnemonic characters and imagery used to help M.D. Students memorize key facts about the topic of each Card.

• Took rough concept sketches and drew detailed black and white pencil images, which were then colored in Adobe Illustrator.

• Drew 13 cards, colored 6 (3 were drawn by other Artists).

• Designed 3 banners for marketing push.
Phoenix, Arizona
Apr 2010 - Jun 2012
Freelance Illustrator
Christian Focus Publications
• Illustrated the covers for 8 biographies for young adults and one devotional for Christian Focus Publications.
Chandler, Arizona
Mar 2011 - Jul 2011
Graphic Designer
Local Motors
* Took skin designs for Rally Fighter and translated them into vector images. Also formatted them so that they could be applied to the body of a Rally Fighter.

* Designed the Local Forge logo, as well as several illustrations that went into PowerPoint presentations that were meant to promote Local Forge, an online vehicular co-creation hub.

* Digitally painted sci-fi landscapes for the promotion of the Terra Prix 2085, a futuristic car design contest hosted on Local-Motor’s website. I also did character designs for each of the winners of the contest (representing the futuristic pilot, mechanic or owner of their respective car).
Tempe, Arizona
Sep 2006 - Jan 2010
Graphic Artist
Punkytan Clique
* Met with clients to define project objectives and scope, determine size and format of pieces, and design art and layout of all product packaging.

* Designed and illustrated custom bottle wraps for tanning lotion and cleansing products for deviant boutique and tan genie product lines, using tattoo art for inspiration, and scanned ink sketches revised with adobe Photoshop.

* Created artwork for t-shirts, flyers, table tents, brochures, stationery, and order letters.

Sarasota, Florida
Sep 2002 - May 2006
Bachelors of Fine Art
Ringling College of Art and Design
Grand Canyon University
Grand Canyon University